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My name is Diana Cameron McQueen. This mess is all my fault.

Also Known As: Felis, DCM, Nyanko,Cylence ColdEyes, Malak Morueme, Lilith Heights
weblog/LiveJournal: nonamecity
AIM: vampireshoujo, cylencecoldeyes
Electronic Mail : nightmarescometrue [at] gmail [dot] com

DCM is currently 23 living in Greensborough, North Carolina...yeah, she knows.
DCM loves drawing, music (oboe), comics (web & print), ancient mythology (sumeria, babylon, mesopotamia, Japan, Greece, Egypt, India...), studying diverse religions of the world, paganism, witchcraft, magic, (and other things that would have gotten her thrown out on her ear from catholic school had she ever entertained the thought of going...)

Spades is DCM's biggest online project. Spades was created when DCM said "I want a super hero, dammit."...and it was, back in 2000. Although, she wanted a super hero on her own terms, and went about designing Kanon to be the way he is today. Graduating from UNCG, she found work in TV (hah, not that lucky), WB affliate in Greensboro, NC as there webmaster and graphic designer. She's content job wise, but not creativity wise. This is because she had to put Spades down while she picked her life off the crash cart of reality. 2005 sucked big time, but now she is back.

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Spades and all characters, likenesses, and story are
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All Rights Reserved.